Nice Medicine Guidelines

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has produced a good practice guide to help trusts develop and update local formularies, as part of a move to ensure that all patients in England have access to clinically and cost-effective drugs. 

Local formularies provide a list of selected or preferred drugs available to local prescribers and have an important role in underpinning safe and effective use of medicines.  However, there is currently no standard process or advice for putting together a local formulary which has led to variations across the country

The NICE Good Practice Guide on the development and updating of local formularies has been designed to help organisations develop and update local formularies that reflect local needs, reduce variation in prescribing, and allow rapid uptake of innovative medicines and treatments, in accordance with statutory requirements.

In SLaM, the drugs and therapeutics committee is responsible for developing and implementing policies and guidelines for the use of medicines. The trust has developed a medicines formulary which is in line with both the Maudsley Prescribing guidelines and NICE guidelines. The trust has a NICE Guidelines Implementation Committee.

The South East London area prescribing committee and Croydon prescribing committee assess the suitability of drugs for use in primary and secondary care within their geographical area.

Please see the link here for the drugs approved by these committees for use in SLaM.

The committee has further decided that the following NICE Clinical Guidelines are relevant to SLaM and have appointed a lead clinician for the monitoring and implementation for each of the Guidelines.  These can be found in the NICE Medicines Guidance Table.

Technology appraisals (TAs) are recommendations on the use of new and existing medicines and treatments.  The SLaM Drug and Therapeutics Committee review all new NICE technology appraisals for relevance to the trust. Any new guidance issued is added to the trust list of reviewed TAs. The list is updated quarterly.  The committee has decided that the TAs mentioned in the NICE Medicines Guidance Table are relevant and recommended for implementation in the trust.

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