Learning mindfulness can help you improve your mental health.

It can help you live more in the present moment and avoid getting stuck worrying about the past or the future.

Regular practice of mindfulness can help you manage depression, anxiety, anger and stressful situations. It can also help you concentrate, and improve your memory.

These audio files are used as part of our Mindfulness course in Croydon: 

  1. Mindfulness of sounds
  2. Mindfulness of the breath
  3. Mindfulness of body sensations
  4. Three minute mindfulness
  5. Body scan
  6. Mindfulness stretch
  7. Mindfulness of physical discomfort
  8. Mindfulness of difficult thoughts
  9. Leaves on a stream
  10. Mindfulness of emotions

If you live in Croydon and want to find out more about our mindfulness courses you can speak with your care coordinator or contact SLAM Recovery College.

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