Eating disorders

Eating disorder is a phrase that describes conditions in which individuals engage in disordered eating. An eating disorder is a recognised mental health condtion in which harmful eating habits can lead to a range of emotional issues.

The three most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa (anorexia), bulimia nervosa (bulimia), and binge eating disorder. Diabulimia is a condition which is now being recognised as an eating disorder and something we treat at South London and Maudsley's Eating Disorder Unit.

Eating disorders can strike young or old, male or female, any race and any income level.

Our eating disorders service

Our eating disorders service is a specialist facility for people who have anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder or mixed eating disorder symptoms. Our unit provides a safe healing space where people can explore their difficulties and gain control over their eating disorder, working one-to-one, within a group and as part of their family.

A wide range of evidence-based care packages are available and can be tailored to suit specific needs. The agreed therapeutic aims will vary, but involves establishing regular healthy eating patterns and working towards a healthy weight.

An important part of our work involves family members and carers, helping them come to an understanding of eating disorders, their likely causes and their consequences. We also offer an extensive programme of training and consultancy for eating disorder professionals, voluntary workers and teams

The SLaM specialist Eating Disorders Unit has an outpatient service and day care unit at the Maudsley Hospital and an inpatient unit and rehabilitation service based at Bethlem Royal Hospital.

Our unit is internationally renowned for its research and is at the forefront of treatment development, having generated much of the evidence underpinning contemporary eating disorder treatments. The Director of the Eating Disorder Unit, Professor Janet Treasure, has recently been awarded an OBE for services to people with eating disorders.

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