4 Steps to Safety

What is ‘Four Steps to Safety’?

‘Four Steps to Safety’ is a system for safer care that consists of the following four ‘steps’:

Each ‘step’ is supported by evidence based clinical interventions which are implemented using quality improvement methods. 'Four Steps to Safety' is implemented across two Trusts - SLaM and Devon Partnership Trust.

Who developed it and why?

‘Four Steps to Safety’ was developed jointly by clinicians, patients and carers to address the issue of safety with a specific focus on reducing violence and aggression.

Why use it?

By following through all of the four steps we believe we can achieve better and safer care for our patients and a better, safer working environment for our staff.

Who should be using it?

As a system for safer care it should be used by all members of staff who are working with patients. To achieve maximum results, patients and their carers should also be actively involved in the process.

What is the ultimate aim?

We want to achieve a 50% reduction in violence and aggression across all inpatient wards in both Trusts. We also want to embed new, better ways of working for staff and patients that will result in sustainable improvement over time.

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