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Mental health support for people affected by the London terror attacks in 2017

The NHS has a dedicated mental health service to help people affected by the 2017 London terrorist attacks in Westminster, London Bridge, Finsbury Park and Parsons Green.

It has been set up to coordinate the care and support for adults, children and young people whose mental health and/or emotional wellbeing has been affected.  The service is based in London but is for everyone who was affected, wherever you may live in England.

The service is staffed by a team of specialist psychologists who have experience of working with people who have been involved in traumatic events including terrorist attacks.

People are resilient but traumatic events can have a lasting impact with some people experiencing symptoms several months or even years later.  Everyone responds to trauma differently and this service aims to support people who are still struggling and need extra support.

You may be experiencing feelings of fear, anger, shame and guilt or have unwanted or distressing thoughts or memories of the incident. You may also have sleep difficulties and be less interested in pleasant activities or hobbies.

The service’s psychologists will be able to give you advice about whether you would benefit from more targeted support and refer you to appropriate NHS services you might need.

Who is this service for?

The service is for anyone who has been directly affected by the four London terror attacks on 22 March in Westminster, 3 June in London Bridge, 19 June in Finsbury Park and 15 September 2017 in Parsons Green. This includes:

  • Survivors
  • Anyone who was injured
  • Witnesses
  • Anyone who lost a family member or close friend
  • First responders
  • Immediate family members who have been affected, for example children

Please note this service is not a new mental health service for everyone, it is specifically for people who have been directly affected by the attacks.  As a first port of call, people who are struggling with their mental health should see their GP, call NHS 111 or self-refer to their local psychological therapies service. 

About the service

The service is free and confidential.  It is being funded by NHS England and provided by South London and Maudsley NHS Trust in collaboration with Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust. 

Online questionnaire

If you contact the service you will be invited to complete a brief emotional wellbeing screening questionnaire either online by post or over the phone.

The service will provide you with a prompt reply that includes the outcome of your questionnaire. If you have no symptoms or a few, you will be offered a follow-up in three months’ time and maybe another invitation to retake the screening questionnaire after six months. People reporting mild to severe levels of symptoms are invited for a face to face clinical assessment.

This assessment can take place in offices in north or south London, over the phone or by Skype depending on what you prefer.

The psychologists will work alongside interpreters if needed.

Coping with the anniversary of a traumatic event

Click here to see our leaflet on how to cope with the anniversary of a traumatic event.

Get in touch

You can contact the service by phone, email or post:

  • Freephone: 0800 090 23 71
  • Email: outreachandscreen@slam.nhs.uk
  • Address: Psychological Trauma Outreach, Screen and Support Service for London Terrorist Incidents, Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, 99 Denmark Hill, London, SE5 8AZ

Opening times are Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm.

If we are unable to answer your call immediately, you will have the option of leaving a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. You can also leave a message outside of our opening hours on this number. 

Adults over the age of 18 can also complete an online screening form and one of the service’s specialist psychologists will then get back to you – click here for a form

If you are under 18 years old or have a child under 18 years old who would like support from our service please call or email the service.

Further information

Visit our frequently asked questions page - click here

Click here to find out from one of our Consultant Clinical Psychologists who explains how the NHS is working to help anyone who is struggling following the terrorist attacks

Additional advice and support

  • If you are directly affected and need help or support, call the Victim Support Helpline on 08 08 16 89 111
  • Adults can refer themselves directly to NHS psychological therapies services across England - click here to find your local service
  • Children and young people can access mental health services through their GP 
  • If you are struggling to keep yourself safe please seek advice either from your GP, NHS 111 or in an emergency visit A&E at your local hospital
  • Click here to see an NHS leaflet which gives advice on coping after a traumatic event
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