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Eating Disorders Unit (Bethlem Royal Hospital)

This is a specialist service, available to people from across the UK. GPs, consultants, health professionals, referrers, commissioners and members of the public can find comprehensive information about this national service... Read more >

Eden Ward and Place of Safety (Lambeth Hospital)

Eden Ward Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is in Lambeth Hospital. We provide low secure, psychiatric hospital care for men, aged 18-65, who have severe and ongoing mental health problems. We... Read more >

Effra Ward (Bethlem Royal Hospital)

Effra Ward is a 16 bedded ward for male patients located in the River House Medium Secure Unit, based at the Bethlem Royal Hospital. Effra provides a service for male forensic... Read more >

Eileen Skellern 1 Ward and Place of Safety (Maudsley Hospital)

Eileen Skellern 1 (ES1) is a psychiatric intensive care ward (PICU) at the Maudsley Hospital. We offer care for women, aged 16-65, who live in the London Borough of Southwark. Our... Read more >

Eileen Skellern 2 Ward (Maudsley Hospital)

Eileen Skellern 2 Ward (ES2) is a ward at the Maudsley Hospital. We provide inpatient care for men, aged 16-65, who have severe mental illness. We provide care for people who... Read more >

Enhanced Recovery Service (Lewisham)

The Residential Placements Team assesses people, aged 18-65, who have severe, long-term mental illness and require support in a residential home. We provide care for people living in the London Borough... Read more >

Enhanced Treatment Service

We offer an Enhanced Treatment Service (ETS) for young people aged 12-18 who are presenting with a serious mental illness which has resulted in a hospital stay. We offer an alternative... Read more >

Female Hormone Clinic

Female only clinic. Aged 18 years +.Assessment and evidence based treatments for women who suffer from serious mental health conditions. Providing possible interventions and outcomes.... Read more >

Fitzmary 1

Fitzmary 1 ward and Gresham 1 ward are Croydon’s dedicated female only inpatient units. We offer a comprehensive assessment, care and treatment service. Our treatment programme is aligned... Read more >

Forensic High Support and Recovery (Southwark)

The Forensic and General High Support Team is a community mental health team (CMHT). We provide intensive support, monitoring, rehabilitation and advice for people, aged 18-65, who have severe and ongoing... Read more >
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