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Croydon CAMHS Crisis Care Service

Phone number:
020 3228 0000
Hospital site:
Services at other sites
Christopher Wren House
113 High Street
Disabled access:
  • Wheelchair accessible building
  • Evacuation chair
  • Ground floor therapy room
  • Disabled toilet
Directorate or department:
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Care pathway:
Service type:
Treatment mode:
This service is for people who live in:
The Croydon CAMHS Crisis Care Serviceis part of Croydon Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).  We work with children and young people who present to Croydon University Hospital in crisis.  We also offer a brief intervention after their attendance within the community.

A mental health crisis explained
A mental health crisis means different things to different people.

You may feel like your mental health has been getting worse over time or that something has happened to make you feel this way.

You may have a good idea of what's caused you to feel this way or not at all. It can be overwhelming and you may feel unable to cope.

You might feel so distressed that you want to harm yourself or someone else. You might hear unpleasant voices, or feel that people are watching you or trying to hurt you.

Regardless of your situation, it could help to tell someone you trust or ask for support. We are here to help.

How we can help you
Being in A&E can be a difficult experience so we want to help you feel comfortable and safe while you wait to see someone from the Crisis Team.

What an assessment means
We talk to you about any difficulties you may be having and what led you to come to A&E.

We will often talk to your family as well and sometimes may talk to anyone else you would feel helpful. This may include your school and your GP (family doctor).

Sometimes we will refer people to the main CAMHS team, another service, or their GP so they can continue to receive help for a longer time.

Our team members
Our service is made up of a number of professionals from different backgrounds who work together to provide multi-disciplinary care. This may include psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, clinical specialists, systemic family therapists, CAMHS practitioners, assistant psychologists, trainees and administrators.
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