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Acorn Lodge Childrens Unit (Bethlem Royal Hospital)

Tyson House East

Phone number:
020 3228 4399
Fax number:
020 3228 4511
Hospital site:
Bethlem Royal Hospital
Tyson East
Bethlem Royal Hospital
Monks Orchard Road
Greater London
Directorate or department:
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Care pathway:
Service Type:
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (National and Specialist)
Treatment mode:
This service is for people who live in:
National (Child and Adolescent services)
This is a specialist service, available to people from across the UK.
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We offer assessment and treatment for children aged between four and 12 years old, who have a wide range of severe emotional or behavioural disorders, including neurodevelopmental disorders and very early-onset psychosis. We adopt a flexible model, allowing us to accept emergency admissions.

Our unit was recently refurbished, to a high standard. Our staff are from a variety of specialised backgrounds, including child psychiatry, clinical psychology, nursing, social work and occupational therapy. Education is provided onsite by specialist teaching staff at the Bethlem Royal Hospital school.

Our unit works closely with families to understand their child’s needs, the impact of the child on other family members, and of the family on the child. Our treatment is based around a weekly, five-day model, allowing the child to spend the weekend at home, if possible. In some cases, children require a seven-day provision at certain stages during their admission to enhance their recovery. We believe this flexible model is very important for both the child and the family to help minimise the time away from home, and also to try interventions within a community setting.

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