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Maudsley Child and Adolescent International (Abu Dhabi)

Maudsley Child and Adolescent International Abu Dhabi is a joint venture between South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and MACANI Medical Center, based in Abu Dhabi. You can find out more about our service by visiting:

The service is delivered and managed by the trust, with a core team based in Abu Dhabi. Our clinicians visit Abu Dhabi regularly to provide additional expertise, training and consultation.

Our mission is ‘to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people with mental health problems living in the Middle East’.

We do this by delivering effective, evidence-based interventions and comprehensive, high quality assessments, using the most appropriate tools. Our services are centered on young people and their families and are delivered with compassion, respect and a commitment to the developmental needs of children and young people.

The team

Our multi-disciplinary team based in Abu Dhabi is a group of senior clinicians experienced in delivering high quality assessments, treatment and care to children and young people.

The service has access to an extensive range of expertise within the trust’s national and specialist child and adolescent mental health services. This large pool of expertise consists of academics and clinicians who have widespread UK and international portfolios and reputations in the field of service delivery, training and education. Our team of experts visits the Abu Dhabi service frequently to provide bespoke clinics, training and consultation for families and professionals.

The team is committed to continuing Henry Maudsley’s mission of translating cutting-edge research directly into clinical practice. This will ensure that children and young people in the region will experience innovative care that is at the forefront of modern medicine.

Clinical expertise

Maudsley Child and Adolescent International Abu Dhabi accepts referrals of children and young people (aged 2- 18 years) with emotional, mental health and/ or developmental difficulties including;

  • Autism spectrum disorders, learning difficulties
  • Attention deficit disorders, tic disorders
  • Mood disorders: depression, mania and bipolar affective disorders
  • Anxiety and stress related disorders: obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, generalized anxiety, post traumatic stress disorders, reaction to severe stress and attachment disorders.
  • Eating disorders
  • Conduct disorders, personality disorders
  • Organic conditions, including psychosis
  • Medical conditions with associated psychological difficulties.

Our team has specialist skills in comprehensive assessment and evidence based treatment of mental health conditions occurring in children and adolescents, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), medication and family based work including parenting groups and psycho-education.  

We are committed to working flexibly with young people and their families in settings that are comfortable for them such as in schools, in the home or via telephone.

School programmes

The service has a commitment to promote positive mental health in children and adolescents in the region and offers bespoke training and interventions to fit the of needs of local schools. We are able to offer a range of innovative school-based services developed by Maudsley experts, including:

CUES-Ed is a CBT based programme aimed at improving wellbeing and resilience in primary school children. It is a package that has been designed by our clinical psychologists and CBT therapists to improve the emotional wellbeing and resilience of primary school children. Find out more here.

DISCOVER is a delivered in schools to help older students (16-18) who are stressed. It provides psychological advice and techniques for young people in an interactive and confidential workshop format. Find our more here.

Liaison, consultation and training

The service promotes emotional health and wellbeing for children and young people through training and consultation to other local agencies. We regularly work with:

  • Family doctors
  • Pediatricians
  • Schools and school counselors
  • Social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Clinicians from allied health professions such as speech and language therapists and occupational therapists.

We also provide external supervision to other local child and adolescent mental health clinicians.

How to make a referral

Referrals are accepted from parents or any professional working with the child with parental consent.

Our team is happy to discuss any referrals over the telephone, and following this a referral form will need to be  completed.

For more information on how to make a referral please contact us:

Maudsley Child and Adolescent International
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