Keep learning

It's very important to keep our minds active and growing. We don't all have to enrol with the Open University (although, it's a very good idea). Fixing a bike, learning a musical instrument, or cooking something different can give a sense of satisfaction and confidence. We can learn something new every day - even if it's just Googling something we heard on the radio.

Keep learning - the evidence

Learning throughout your life can help to enhance your self-esteem and build a sense of purpose - as well as encourage social interaction and a more active life.  Setting and achieving goals is a common feature of learning and is strongly associated with higher levels of well-being.  However, it is important that any goals you set are your own, and that they are goals that you want to achieve.

Lessen anxiety by reducing options

We live in a world with many options.  Most of us are not affected by the range of choices available, but for some everyday decisions can be tough.  You might like to examine every possible option before making a choice - anxious not to miss the best.  This might make you feel dissatisfied or depressed.  To avoid this, you could learn to make decisions based on whether something is simply 'good enough' - not 'is this the perfect choice?'

Learn to improve your sleeping habits

Good quality sleep is essential.  To help improve your sleep you could try avoiding caffeine; not eating less than two hours before you go to bed; emptying your mind - perhaps by writing your plans for the following day on a sheet of paper so you do not worry about forgetting to do things; learning relaxation skills and developing nightly rituals such as reading or listening to music that tell your unconscious mind that you are ready for bed.

You can find out more in this short film.

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