Our staff

Dr Idit Albert

Dr Idit Albert is a consultant clinical psychologist and the UK Lead for the Ebola Psychological Support Service. Idit works as a CBT therapist at the Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma specialising in treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder. She has worked extensively with victims of trauma, refugees, trafficked individuals and ex-military personnel.   Idit is also SLaM’s trust training coordinator for doctorate in clinical psychology placements. She is an affiliate member of the Department of Psychology at King’s College University London.


Dr Elaine Hunter

Dr Elaine Hunter is a consultant clinical psychologist and the Sierra Leone lead for the Ebola Psychological Support Service. Before training in clinical psychology Elaine had a background in research and training in social anthropology. In her clinical work she has a particular interest in psychosis, complex trauma, PTSD, personality disorders and cross-cultural psychology. In 2012, she worked in Uganda and Zimbabwe developing and delivering CBT training to public health psychiatric staff. Elaine also works as the clinical lead for the Depersonalisation Disorder Service and as the Distance Learning Lead for the Post Graduate Diploma in CBT for Psychosis at the Institute of Psychiatry.

Dr Alison Beck

Dr Alison Beck is the trust head of psychology and psychotherapy at SLaM. This role involves ensuring the governance of high quality psychology and psychotherapy practice in the Trust. She practices clinically as a consultant clinical and forensic psychologist and systemic psychotherapist. She is particularly interested in organizational developments which support the delivery of compassionate care. She believes that we have a lot to learn from others, and a lot to offer in terms of specialist knowledge and skills in psychological therapies. She is keen to support psychologists and psychotherapists to be able to take part in humanitarian and other international work.

Psychologists and psychotherapists

In response to the Ebola crisis, SLaM recruited volunteers from among accredited psychology and psychotherapy staff to provide weekly support sessions to health workers. All our psychology and psychotherapy staff are highly qualified, either as clinical or counselling psychologists to doctoral level, we also have experienced psychotherapists.

The Ebola Service is recruiting psychologists and psychotherapists from other trusts to come together to better prepare for the next future humanitarian crisis. We intend to train a number of supporters in humanitarian aid work who can provide psychological support to humanitarian workers in response to future crises.

Through a series of training events we will aim to:

  • Share and advance our knowledge and skills in the field of psychological support for humanitarian workers.

  • Develop a task force of psychologists and psychotherapists willing and able to support humanitarian workers via  skype or telephone from the UK.

  • Develop a register of psychologists who are willing to carry out short-term humanitarian work abroad
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