Art and bipolar disorder

Patients at our OPTIMA service describe how their art relates to their experience of bipolar disorder:


"I tend to paint like this when I’m unwell. The normal state of me wouldn’t be able to do this as it can be very draining. During a manic state, I have a mixture of creativity and energy. This picture partly represents mania and I started this when I was under the Home Treatment Team.

I finished it a few weeks after discharge. The picture also relates to the all the killings that have gone on locally this year. Although it may look like it is in comic strip book format, the picture relates to a very serious issue. This is my form of graffiti".

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"It is very hard for me to remember what was going on at the time. I wasn’t really thinking straight.  What this represents is the madness going on in my head at the time. I had positive thoughts but also kept getting blockages, so most of the artwork is a visual representation of the distress I was experiencing. I did a load of art over a short period of two weeks.

At this current time I’m moving towards a period of normality, although I still do feel a bit low. I do miss the creativity and energy I had when I was more on the manic side. However, I don’t miss the difficulties that being manic caused me, my friends and family".

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