Friday, July 06, 2018

Trust statement on the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill

“We are pleased that The Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill has passed through the House of Commons today, Friday 6 July. The Trust is supportive of the Bill, also known as Seni’s Law.
“In September 2010, Olaseni Lewis died following a police restraint in one of our services at the Bethlem Royal Hospital. His death represented, and continues to represent a tragedy for his family, his friends and his community. We have passed on our condolences to the Lewis family and apologised to them for the loss of their son – we continue to stay in touch with them and offer our support.
“The Trust has learnt a great deal and made changes to how we work as a result of Olaseni’s death. New processes have been put in place to improve how we train and support staff so that they can deliver safe care to people who become mentally unwell. Working alongside the police, we have improved how staff communicate and collaborate with them in high risk situations.
“We hope that this Bill will support the NHS and police to continue to make the necessary changes to reduce the possibility of this ever happening again.”

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