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OCD: Tuppence Middleton talks to expert Dr Gazal Jones

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Actor Tuppence Middleton, who has OCD, has spoken to Dr Gazal Jones, Clinical Psychologist, for BBC Radio 4 who shares an overview of obsessive compulsive disorder.

You can listen to the programme here

People with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) experience unpleasant and intrusive thoughts, images, doubts or urges (called obsessions) and repetitive behaviours (called compulsions).

Compulsions are usually carried out as a way of reducing the distress caused by obsessions. OCD takes many different forms and causes distress and interference to daily functioning.

Dr Gazal Jones, Clinical Psycologist said: “OCD can be an extremely distressing and debilitating condition. However, it is also treatable, with good recovery rates with cognitive behavioural therapy with exposure and response prevention.

“We hope that opening up the conversation around OCD as a condition, encourages sufferers to seek professional support, and provides hope for recovery.”

You can listen here:


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