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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Parental Mental Health Team appeal for new toy donations for children

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust's Parental Mental Health Team is appealing for new toy donations for children this Christmas.

The team, which works with some of the most vulnerable families in Southwark, want to make sure all the children in the families they see, receive at least one Christmas present this year. The Trust is appealing for people to donate new toys suitable for children aged up to five years old.

'Making a genuine difference'

Adult Mental Health Child Safeguarding Manager in Southwark, Lucy Brazener, said:  “Toys are not only a way for a child to have fun, they stimulate them and help with their development and Christmas is a brilliant time to make sure that they have the toys and the fun they need.

“The appeal, Project Elf, will reach children who may come from low income families and make a genuine difference to their Christmas.”

The parental mental health team is a nurse-led service, which provides help and support for parents who have children under five and are experiencing mental distress.

The team recognises the needs of parents as individuals with mental health problems and the needs of their children. They aim to promote positive parenting and minimise the impact a parent’s mental health difficulties may have on their children through supporting them. 

The team supports parents with a range of mental health problems and they often work jointly with other community teams and children’s services. This service is available for any Southwark parent and service-users are referred from a variety of different health services.


Please send donations by Monday 18th December to:

Parental Mental Health Team Christmas Appeal

General Office

Maudsley Hospital

Denmark Hill



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