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Changes to Trust services in response to the Coronavirus outbreak

Thursday, July 30, 2020

In response to Covid-19, we have changed our services and the way we work to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and visitors.

We still see people face-to-face but many of our appointments are now offered online and by phone, and we are following social distancing guidelines and wearing masks.

Access to hospital sites
We are limiting public access to hospital sites to reduce risks for patients and staff. 

Bethlem Royal Hospital is now completely closed to the public, including dog walkers. Wickham Park Gate is also closed.

Urgent care
Please visit our crisis support page if you or someone close to you needs urgent care or call our 24-hour mental health crisis line on 0800 731 2864.
If appropriate, you might be referred to our new referral-only Mental Health Assessment Unit at either Maudsley Outpatients or the Ladywell Unit in Lewisham. This reduces the need to attend acute hospital emergency departments.

This is not a walk-in service. Screening has to take place to ensure any physical health problems do not require urgent medical attention. 

Children and young people as well as older adults can access the service through our 24 hour specialist crisis and response services, hospital emergency departments, the police, London Ambulance Service and NHS 111.  

Other service changes
The following service changes are all temporary measures:

  • Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit – temporarily closed
  • Eating Disorders Until (Tyson West 2) - temporarily closed and merged with Avalon Ward at Springfield University Hospital
  • Jim Burley Unit -  temporarily closed
  • Fitz Mary One (BRH) temporarily closes this evening - 30 March
  • Eileen Skellern 2 - temporarily closes this evening - 30 March
  • Ruskin Ward (AL2) will temporarily move to ES2 ward - 30March
  • Snowfields Adolescent Unit is temporally closing and merging with the Bethlem Adolescent Unit on Wednesday 1st April
  • Aubrey Lewis 3 - temporarily closes Friday 3 April
  • Aubrey Lewis 1 has been temporarily merged with Chelsham House and supporting Kings by letting them use this space to care for people on a discharge pathway. This enables Kings to use their bed capacity for people who are physically unwell and need an acute hospital bed
  • Wharton Ward at the Ladywell Unit at Lewisham Hospital temporarily closed on Friday 3 April

We expect further changes and will keep you informed of any developments. We have communicated these changes to our patients and carers and will be posting regular updates on our website. 

Visit our coronavirus page to find out more.

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