Our objectives

Our strategy is to…

Provide high quality clinical care and treatment, delivered sensitively, consistently and based on evidence that it works.

Which means...

  • Delivering local services in partnership with local authority social care teams, to meet the diverse needs of our local communities
  • Developing better treatments through excellence and innovation, based on reliable and up to date evidence of what works best
  • Ensuring that our inpatient services measure up against the best that is available elsewhere
  • Systematically obtaining feedback from service users and carers about their experience of using our services - and using it to develop and improve our services
  • Expanding the provision of psychological therapies across all our services
  • Being clear about what we offer, which includes defining care pathways across the whole system of care, so that commissioners and service users are clear about the stages involved care and treatment.

Promote recovery, social inclusion and mental well-being.

Which means...

  • Moving beyond a service that mainly reacts and responds to illness, and contributing even more widely to helping the community stay well
  • Providing services which are focused on recovery - as well as containing and treating the symptoms of illness - and which offer choice and promote independence
  • Providing help back into education or employment for those people who want it.

Translate research into practice.

Which means…

  • Undertaking research which is relevant to the needs of our clinical services and local populations
  • Making sure that research is applied - directly, speedily and consistently - to improve clinical care and treatment
  • Ensuring that we have a well deserved reputation for excellence in research which benefits people who use our services, and helps to transform services beyond SLaM
  • Ensuring that all members of the multi professional team have the opportunity to grow the research portfolio
  • Making the most of our strong relationship with colleagues in King's Health Partners to maximise the global impact of our research portfolio, enabling all partners to compete with the best in the world.

Create a supportive environment which enables people to flourish and achieve excellence.

Which means…

  • Attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining the best staff
  • Recognising that staff are talented and have the potential to learn and contribute more
  • Paying attention to high quality performance and challenging poor performance
  • Helping staff experience a sense of achievement and satisfaction from their work
  • Encouraging new ideas and new ways of working as a means of delivering better services
  • Being an organisation where people want to come and work
  • Providing opportunities for people who have used mental health services to come and work here
  • Striving for excellence and challenging mediocrity
  • Valuing creativity and innovation.

Provide leadership and management which inspires, directs and drives the organisation.

Which means…

  • Setting a vision and providing a clear sense of direction to all parts of the organisation - clinical services, research, education and corporate infrastructure
  • Allowing people the freedom to act, make decisions and take risks where appropriate
  • Providing a safe environment that enables staff to develop ideas and new ways of working, and where errors can be used constructively to promote learning.

Develop as an organisation so that quality becomes central to everything we do.

Which means…

  • Encouraging a 'can do' culture
  • Embracing change
  • Encouraging openness and learning from when things go wrong
  • Involving teams in the organisation's development
  • Developing commercial skills so that the organisation is able to thrive in a more competitive environment.

Maintain corporate infrastructure services which provide effective, timely and customer friendly support.

Which means…

  • Readily accepting that the way we have done things in the past may not be the best way of doing so in future
  • Ensuring that our infrastructure services are flexible, adaptable and decisive
  • Being open to new ways of working, which may mean sharing resources across King's Health Partners.

Develop and grow as an organisation in order to respond effectively to the changing environment within which we operate.

Which means…

  • Understanding what people want from and think of us - by engaging with, responding to, and respecting the views of commissioners, referrers, service users, carers, the wider community and other stakeholders
  • Working collaboratively with our partners in social care.
  • Developing the commercial and marketing expertise needed to thrive in a competitive environment and respond effectively to opportunities for growth
  • Managing our resources effectively and developing financial surpluses which we can then reinvest to fund developments
  • Increasing referrals because we have earned a reputation for clinical excellence.


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