Maisie Barrett

Carer Governor

Maisie says:

I felt compelled to take this opportunity to apply for the Governor’s post, because of my lived experience as a carer for 25 years; a role that is perpetual.

I cared for my late mother, and two children who were patients at Maudsley and Bethlem Royal hospitals. I also have a son who has recently left prison, who is under the influence of drugs. As a child, I helped to care for my sister who suffered from bipolar, who later committed suicide.

My skills are:
The knowledge of mental health issues. I carried out extensive research when I started a Community Interest Company, to support mental health sufferers and the homeless who may also suffer from the illness.

As a carer, I had to attend meetings with professionals, which was daunting, but it helped to improve my confidence to speak out and be assertive. Though I am dyslexic, I graduated from university while caring for my family. I can work under stress. I refuse to allow stress to stop me from being a happy person. I would like to become a Governor so I can work at the heart of the Trust to have a greater impact on maintaining the moral and values of the Trust.

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