Ingrid Tennessee

Public Governor

I originate from Guyana in South America, through a history defined by poverty and shaped by ambition to make a difference. In 1984, when I left high school, I immediately commenced teaching as an untrained teacher at the same school, and I progressed to become Head of the English Department. In 1992 I migrated to the UK through marriage and worked in various roles leading to now being the Chief Executive Officer at Quo Vadis Trust & Trustee at the NCVO.

I have risen from many crucibles; now a leader and provider of services when at work and a carer to my two disabled brothers when not at work. I am passionate about doing the right thing at the right time.

I lead and shape services for adults made vulnerable by their life circumstances and have introduced a values based approach, along with a vision and mission, to my current organisation.

I believe that I would be a valuable addition to the Council of Governors at SLaM because I am visionary, creative and an excellent negotiator for positive change. I lead by example, exhibiting consistent behaviour and positive mindset through being a servant leader. This facilitates my staff teams to flourish in their roles knowing they have my full confidence and support.

Together, my knowledge, skills, expertise and personal experiences would be valuable in supporting the SLaM Council of Governors to be the difference in all that we, the executive, volunteers and staff strive to be for those accessing the services.

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