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About us

Council of Governors

About us

Council of Governors

About us

Council of Governors

About us

Council of Governors

The council holds the non-executive directors to account for the actions of the board, and supports the board of directors in setting the long term vision for the organisation.

Here is a full list of governors

The council's responsibilities include:
  • appointing the chair and other non-executive directors
  • removing, if three quarters of the council of governors decide that it is necessary, the chair or other non-executive directors
  • approving, by a majority, the appointment of the Chief Executive by the non-executive directors
  • appointing or removing the trust's auditor
  • to support and engage with the trust board
  • to hold the non-executive directors to account for the performance of the trust board
  • to represent the interests of the members of the trust as a whole and the interests of the public
  • approving 'significant transactions'
  • deciding whether non-NHS work would significantly impact on the trust's core role
  • approving, by an overall majority, an application by the trust to enter into a merger, acquisition, separation or dissolution
  • approving amendments to the trust's constitution

Our board of directors has a duty to consult, and listen to, the views of the council of governors.

The council of governors is made up of:
  • appointed members from organisations that the trust works with
  • people who use the trust's services elected by our membership
  • carers of people who use the trust's services elected by our membership
  • members of the public elected by our membership
  • members of staff elected by our membership

How to become a governor

Governors are elected to the council of governors from the public, service user, carer and staff constituencies. Elected governors serve a three year term on the council of governors.

Governors are also appointed by partner organisations. 

Contact your governors

If you have a question for your governors, you may e-mail them using

Governors review

The governors review includes information about the role of governors and the activities they have carried out over the preceding year.

Governors review 2020

Recent council papers

Please see the Our Governors page for earlier papers.

Next meeting date

Thursday 2 September 2021 at 3pm.

The meeting will be held online, and the public are welcome to attend using their computer or mobile telephone.

This guide provides details on how to join the meeting.  Please contact if you are hoping to attend or have any questions.