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About us

Nursing education

About us

Nursing education

About us

Nursing education

About us

Nursing education

The Nurse Education team is committed to ensuring that we provide a high quality learning environment for students, learners and newly qualified nurses and nursing associates in the nursing workforce.

We promote innovation and partnership working with service users and education providers to ensure that nursing and nursing associate students, apprentices, learners and preceptees have the opportunities they need to learn, develop and succeed, whilst creating the foundations for their future nursing career.

We aim to ensure that students achieve their potential through supporting learners, supervisors and assessors and working collaboratively with universities.

The team provides preceptorship and works to support newly qualified nurses and nursing associates joining the nursing workforce in the community.

Students and learners are valued as an important part of the Trust and we want you to learn, grow and continue your career. We aim to be responsive, supportive, and promote personal and professional development, to make our Trust a great place to work and study.

Feedback from one of our learners: "I would say the CPEs have been very supportive and always available. I was able to reach out and get back in contact same day. When I sent emails, I get fast response back. It is good to have an allocated practice development nurse that gets to you know personally, person centred support and tailored feedback."

Find out more about nursing education at our Trust in the sections on this page.

We work in partnership with Kings College London, London Southbank University, University of Greenwich, and Kingston and St Georges University of London to support mental health student nurses to learn in a variety of placements across up to four sites in ward based and community settings.

We provide all student nurses with a Trust and local induction, which includes mandatory training, an introduction to our changing lives strategy and working in partnership with service users and carers.

Students and learners are invited to attend learning forums where they can explore a topic relating to practice with an expert in the area. There are also listening sessions where students and learners meet with members of the nursing executive including the Director of Nursing to feedback your experiences so we can learn from you and use your feedback to continue to develop learning experiences and service provision.

Additional learning opportunities include Schwartz rounds, in house training sessions and engaging with initiatives taking place across the Trust. This may include physical health care and growing research capacity within the nursing workforce
The Nurse Education team works to ensure that student nurses and apprentice nursing associate placements meet the requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) educational framework and provide the opportunities for students and learners to achieve their proficiencies. We strive to support and empower students and learners to learn and contribute to initiatives across the Trust.

The Nurse Education Team provide training and on-going support for practice supervisors and assessors, and work with clinical teams to provide high quality learning environments which empower and enable all students and learners in the nursing workforce to grow and succeed.
We are able to provide a small number of elective placements each year in addition to our hosted students. Students will need to contact the Nurse Education team at least six months in advance, and provide information regarding the type of placement requested, the dates for the elective placements and learning objectives.
In partnership with University of Greenwich, we support nurses to undertake the return to practice programme. Applications for this programme are through the University of Greenwich.
We are committed to supporting newly qualified nurses and nursing apprentices to make the transition from being a learner or student to becoming a registered nurse or nursing associate. We provide a 12 month preceptorship programme which follows the Health Education England Capital Nurse framework and which has been awarded the Capital Nurse kite mark for the last two years.

Each newly qualified nurse is allocated a preceptor and is given time to attend workshops, forums and reflective group sessions which are provided by expert nurses and practitioners who are specialist in their field. The preceptor (supervisor) and support from the clinical team is invaluable to the professional development of you as newly qualified nurses.

The programme enables you to embed the knowledge and skills you have gained in your programmes, and to begin to develop your interests, and career ambitions in practice, and research. A specialist programme is provided for nurses joining CAMHS services which includes additional content which is specific to working with children and young people.

Feedback on the programme from newly qualified nurses

"Gives myself and peers a space to talk about situations we find complex in the workplace and coming up with different solutions to a complex situation. I always come away feeling enriched with more knowledge which gives me more confidence in my nursing practice."

"I have received emails of support from the reflective session facilitators, which has made me feel supported and listened to. I felt that I have had an ally outside of my workplace that I can speak to in times of need."

"We have had sessions which included services users and their carers, which is hugely important to me and embodies the Trust's commitments."

Feedback from reflective practice facilitators

"The reflective practice groups, as identified by the preceptee nurses themselves, provide a safe space for nurses to think more about their own personal and professional development through reflecting and identifying solutions to any issues experienced in clinical practice. It also provides a supportive network for newly-qualified nurses to share insights gained and grow with each other over the course of the preceptorship programme."

"I have learnt so much from the preceptees it keeps me in touch with what’s happening and what we as senior nurses can offer to better support staff.”