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About us

Service user involvement

About us

Service user involvement

About us

Service user involvement

About us

Service user involvement

Maggie Brennan

Maggie is the Expert by Experience Trainer at the Estia Centre. Maggie helps design and deliver our training courses.  You can read more about what Maggie has been getting up to here. Maggie talks about her role in this video.

Service user involvement and experts experience

People who use mental health in learning disabilities (MHLD) clinical services and their carers are encouraged and supported to join our involvement register and get involved in paid opportunities to shape and deliver services. The Involvement Register is a way for people who use our services and their carers to help us plan, develop and improve our Trust’s services. Many Involvement Register members say taking part has helped to build their confidence and skills.
Involvement Register

Service user and carer group

The nursing team in the MHLD clinical service run a monthly service user and carer 'meet up' group. The group do lots of different activities including bowling, karaoke, and sports days. Contact Pamela Boothe (Lambeth Team Administrator) on 020 3228 1057 for details.

Gardening group

The therapeutic value of gardening is a hot topic at the moment see Tweets by ‎@MaudsleyNHS.

You can also follow this link for interesting information on the benefits.

If service users might be interested in joining the service user allotment group at Ruskin Park please forward their names or feel free to ask any questions

Reasonably adjusted project

The Estia Centre was awarded a grant from Health Education England to develop a co-produced resource for mental health staff about meeting the needs for people with an intellectual disability. We have employed an expert by experience to undertake this project with us.

As a result of Covid-19 restrictions our weekly Mind Apples group is meeting online via Zoom

Mind Apples social networking group for people with learning disabilities is a place where we can: 

  • talk about how we feel
  • talk about what is happening
  • learn things together

If you would like to join, please email

Download the Mind Apples leaflet.

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