Involvement Register

What is the Involvement Register?

The Involvement Register is a way for us to advertise and allocate opportunities to people who want to use their experience of using our services to help us to develop and improve them in the future.

Involvement Register activities help us to learn from your experience.

The Involvement Register is open to people who have use our services and their carers who have been involved with the Trust in the last 5 years.

Although the Involvement Register is not a therapeutic or clinical service and run by non-clinical staff, many Involvement Register members say it has helped build their confidence and skills.

Want to find out more? Take a read through the "Guide to joining our Involvement Register" tab on the left. If you'd like a chat about it, feel free to call the Involvement Register Co-Ordinator on 020 3228 1592 or email

Please note: All those applying to be an Involvement Register member will need to have a DBS certificate before they can be signed up and begin undertaking rewarded activity. On occasion, because of what is in the DBS, a member might be restricted to certain activities and on very rare occasion where there is a potential safeguarding issue may not be able to join the register.

Other opportunities, information and newsletters

Involvement Register Management Group: The management group meets regularly to oversee the running of the register. You can read the terms of reference and meeting minutes below. 

Terms of reference

Meeting minutes November 2014

Meeting minutes February 2015

Meeting minutes March 2015

Meeting minutes May 2015

Meeting minutes June 2015

Meeting minutes July 2015

Meeting minutes August 2015

Meeting minutes October 2015

Meeting minutes January 2016

Meeting minutes March 2016

Meeting minutes May 2016

Meeting minutes July 2016


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