A guide to joining our involvement register

What is involvement?

We are committed to involving service users and carers in planning and developing our services. We want to use your experience of using services to improve the Trust.

What is the Involvement Register?

This is simply the name given to the list of service users and carers who have signed up to do involvement activities in SLaM.

The activities are termed “ad hoc” because they are neither guaranteed nor will they continue on a regular basis.  That’s why they are referred to as “opportunities” or “activities’ rather than “work”.  You cannot exceed more than 30 hours per month on the Involvement Register.

Whilst you will be issued with a payroll number and receive payslips, this does not mean that you are deemed to be an employee of the Trust.  This just happens to be the most effective and transparent way for SLaM to pay you for your involvement.

The Involvement Register is not a therapeutic service and many of the people with whom you will be involved will not have clinical skills. Nevertheless, many service users have told us how much they have enjoyed contributing to SLaM through the Register and say it has improved their confidence, self-esteem and they’ve learnt new skills. We hope you experience this too.  

How to apply

If you’d like to join the Register, please contact the Involvement Register Co-ordinator on 020 3228 1592 or involvementregister@slam.nhs.uk, and ask for our joining form.

This form asks for your personal details, what sort of involvement opportunities you’re interested in and any relevant experience.  It will also ask about your support structures and details of someone who can give you a reference.

What happens next?

The Involvement Register is very popular. When there is free capacity your application will considered by a co-ordinator who will acknowledge your application, contact your sponsor to obtain a reference and send you details about obtaining Occupational Health clearance.

If your application is successful, you will then attend a meeting with the co-ordinator to complete the signing up process. This meeting will include preparing an application for a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check (formerly called  a Criminal Records Bureau check), completing some further documentation and having a chat about your involvement at the Trust.

Please note: All those applying to be a  Involvement Register member will need to have a DBS certificate before they can be signed up and begin undertaking rewarded activity. On occasion because of what is in the DBS a member might be restricted to certain activities and on very rare occasion where there is a potential safeguarding issue may not be able to join the register.

We will do our best to match you to available opportunities and are committed to offering them fairly amongst those interested in doing them.

Do we offer training?

Yes we offer training or coaching for some types of involvement opportunities. 

We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure that you will have a positive experience of undertaking involvement activities.

Welfare advice

When you join the Register, you will be given professional advice on how much money you can receive in payment from the IR without it jeopardising your benefits.

Ending your activity

To ensure involvement opportunities are fairly distributed to new and existing people an individual’s involvement will be routinely reviewed after two years on a project/assignment. You may leave the IR any time you wish.

Other ways to be involved

Being on the Register is not the only way of contributing. You can get involved as a volunteer in many different kinds of ways ranging from gardening or running exercise classes, to helping people through discharge and befriending.

Our Peer Support scheme provides additional support to people leaving services from people with a lived experience. Others with a lived experience become Linkworker who help staff to learn from service users on the ward and work in a user focussed way. Find out more here

Many people also contribute through becoming a Member of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. 

Further questions

If you have any questions, want more detail or need explanations please contact the Involvement Register Co-ordinator on 020 3228 1592 or involvementregister@slam.nhs.uk

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