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PCREF Monthly Newletter
PCREF Monthly Newletter
PCREF Monthly Newletter
PCREF Monthly Newletter
Reimagining mental health services for
Black service users and their carers
Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework (PCREF)
at South London and Maudsley

Hello and welcome to our first PCREF News update!

Whether you are joining us for the first time and want to find out more about the programme or you have already been part of the journey so far, we hope this new monthly newsletter will help keep you up to date with the progress we are making together on the Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework and the latest opportunities to get involved and have your say.

We are now launching phase two of the programme focusing on the 12 key areas (organisational competencies) where we need to make changes. NHS England has identified 10 national organisational competencies and a further two have been identified through events held locally and the feedback we received during phase one. These organisational competencies are the skills and practices the Trust needs to focus on, to improve the way we offer and deliver services so that equity is achieved. For more information about the programme and phase one click HERE. The aim of the PCREF Approach is that it becomes an iterative process, the regular way we do things in the Trust on our journey to anti-racism and equity. This first iteration is focusing on people who use our services and their carers from Black African, Black Caribbean, Black Mixed and Black Other census categories. This is because our data shows that they are more likely to suffer poorer Access, Experience and Outcomes from the Trust’s services. We use the term Black to cover these 4 census categories throughout our PCREF material.

Our PCREF Programme is a partnership between the Trust and PCREF host organisations Lambeth Black Thrive and Croydon BME Forum. Our Partnership brings together Trust staff and Black service users, their carers and communities to jointly develop the PCREF – please join us!

Have Your Say – PCREF questionnaire

 We really want to base our PCREF work on the experiences of Black people when using our mental health services, their carers and networks, local Black community members and Black staff, and to get their views and suggestions on how these services can be improved.

Please give us your feedback by completing the NHS England survey HERE

It should take about 15 mins to complete. Your feedback will inform the changes we make to our services and help shape the framework that will be adopted locally and in every mental health trust in the country. We will be analysing the first cut of data to inform our local work from 1 August and want as many questionnaires completed as possible by then. The analysis of what you said will inform our local work on the organisational competencies running from August through to October. Once the questionnaire closes nationally, in October, there will be further analysis and the full results will be reported after that.

For more information on PCREF click HERE. If you have any questions about PCREF contact us at

Workshops and events

We are excited to be collaborating with the Recovery College with whom we will be developing a series of PCREF workshops in partnership with service users, carers and communities around a range of themes.. The Recovery College have a series of free online workshops that are launch soon and are open to all to attend. To register please contact

Unit 1: Racism as trauma – an introduction - Monday 19 July, 1–3pm

Unit 2: Inherited distress – transgenerational trauma - Friday 23 July, 9–11am Unit 3: Encoded exclusion – institutional re-enactments - Monday 26 July, 1 – 3pm

Unit 4: Daily disregard – interpersonal racism - Friday 30 July, 9–11am

Unit 5: Unshareable experiences – internalised racism - Monday 2 August, 1 – 3pm

Unit 6: Towards healing – deserving care - Friday 6 August, 9–11am

Get Involved - Activists and Allies Programme

We know there are lots of people who are passionate about PCREF and are keen to get involved and be part of the movement to redesign mental health care for Black people. That is why we are developing the PCREF Activists and Allies programme for anyone who wants to learn more, share their experiences and ideas, contribute to the work on organisational competencies, and help us spread the word so more people can get involved.


If you are a member of staff at South London and Maudsley and want to become an activist or ally or need further information visit our PCREF page on Maud HERE

Black Service Users and Carers

We have established a core group of Service Users and Carers who have already been involved in the PCREF programme and they will be looking for more Black service users and carers who are interested in joining this new PCREF action group.

It will advise on the best way to develop and promote the Activists and Allies programme, design the type of activities and opportunities you’d like to see and to help make the programme accessible so Black service users and carers and their networks can easily share their feedback, experiences and ideas. They will also be getting involved in detailed work as key partners in Phase 2 of the PCREF work.

*If you are Black service user or carer and interested in joining the action groups get in touch with the PCREF team at for more information.


A subgroup of the Communications and Engagement Workstream has been established called the Community Action Group. It comprises the Independent Advisory Group [IAG] Chairs and the PCREF Host Organisations - Lambeth Black Thrive and Croydon BME Forum - and is driving forward the Activists and Allies programme in the community. The Host Organisations are leading on maximising the number of questionnaires completed by people from local black communities as it is their views we particularly want, to inform the changes we need to make. Croydon BME Forum and Lambeth Black Thrive will also begin hosting a range of focus groups for PCREF at the beginning of July.

*If you a member of the community in Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham or Southwark and would like to become a PCREF activist or ally or need further information click HERE


Want to know more?

more information about the PCREF programme go to:

Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework (PCREF)

PCREF - Croydon BME Forum

 If this newsletter has been forwarded to you and you would like to join the PCREF mailing list, email us at