Document supply/interlibrary loans service

Books and journal articles not available locally or electronically can be obtained from other libraries on your behalf.

Who can make requests?

The document supply service is available to all registered members.

How much does it cost?

The service is free to registered members.

How many requests may I make?

You can ask for up to ten items per week.

How can I place requests?

You can make requests by telephoning 020 3228 6141 or emailing

How quickly will I get my articles?

Standard requests are usually handled within one working day of receipt.  Delivery time is dependent on the supplying library so cannot be guaranteed. Items can be obtained urgently though a rapid response service if necessary.

Will I need to complete a form?

Not in most circumstances. If you are a member of NHS staff, articles supplied by another NHS library are covered by the NHS Copyright Licence so these requests can be processed without "paperwork".  If we have to source a paper from outside of the NHS, we will ask you to complete a copyright declaration stating that you will use the material for private study or non-commercial research.


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