Maudsley Masterclass - Essentials of Community Management of Substance Misuse

Course outline:
This course will look at the essentials of drug and alcohol treatment in the community. It will start by looking at the national and local data on drug and alcohol use to help participants understand the background of the subject. Will then briefly cover assessment and delivery of brief interventions.

The course will cover the basics of evidence based alcohol and opiate treatment with an emphasis on good practice. We will do an introduction to approaches to psychological interventions for other drugs such as cocaine and MDMA. Harm reduction interventions are crucial in the management of opiate users and we will discuss new interventions in this area as well as the importance of peer support networks, Finally we will briefly cover the structure of community drug and alcohol services and what service provision they can offer and to whom.?

The course will cover the following topics:
-Epidemiology and patterns of use.
- Local and national data
- Assessment of the drug and alcohol user.
- Evidence for and indications for brief interventions ?
- How to deliver a BI using FRAMES methodology
- When and how to detox from alcohol – NICE guidelines
- Principles and practice of opiate substitution – NICE and clinical guidelines
- Where to start with non-opiates
- Drug related deaths and prevention in opiate users, how to prevent OD.
- Principles of harm reduction. Provision of take home naloxone
- How community services are structured and provided. Alcoholics anonymous and other types of peer support
General information:
Learning Objectives
- Describe the epidemiology of substance use in community populations Screen for alcohol abuse and deliver brief intervention when indicated
- Manage safe detoxification from alcohol
- Assess and manage dependence in a range of common drugs of abuse
- Assess and manage withdrawal in a range of common drugs of abuse
- Implement harm minimisation strategies with opiate users
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