Fostering changes – 5 day Facilitators course

Course outline:
The Fostering Changes Facilitator Course covers all aspects of the Fostering Changes Programme and is designed to give you firsthand experience of understanding and delivering the Programme. This four day course examines Adult Learning Principles so you can put into practice modeling Praise, Attending, Rewards and ‘I’ messages with foster Carers in your very own Fostering Changes Programme.

Session One kicks off with information about the Course itself, the Fostering Changes Programme, Accreditation and more. Session Two builds on the content of the Fostering changes programme covering key strategies such as praise and attending. Attending is one of the most powerful tools available in creating attachment. This enhancement to the Programme offers your Carers more ability to work with their children. We then go on to cover Praise, Education, Reading and Homework and Rewards. In this Session you also get the opportunity to plan and deliver your own presentation of the Fostering Changes material giving you practice and the chance to become even more familiar with the material.

Sessions Three and Four continue the theme of developing your knowledge of the Fostering Changes Programme along with ensuring you get involved with loads of role plays and exercises. Our trainers model the nurturing style that is needed by you to support Carers through the course.
Course aims:
After taking this course you will have learnt:

1. This is a unique opportunity for you to gain Facilitator skills and knowledge of the Fostering Changes Programme in one course.

2. You will be able to deliver the Programme with confidence and ease with the knowledge that the skills you are imparting to Foster Carers are evidence based.

3. Provides you with the practical skills to manage placements.

4. Enables you to have increased confidence in your Carers skills and abilities to make a significant difference to a looked after child’s life.
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