Maudsley Masterclass- Managing medical conditions in psychiatry: neurological, haematological, renal, and hepatic disease

Course outline:
The physical health of people with chronic mental illness is often poor, and there has been a recent emphasis on enhanced medical care in psychiatric settings. Similarly, in physical healthcare settings, treatment of medical conditions is frequently complicated by psychiatric comorbidity.

This course aims to provide psychiatric medical and nursing professionals with an update on the latest guidelines in assessment and management of common physical health complaints reported in patients with severe mental illness. It addresses the challenge of treating patients with comorbid physical and mental illness, so that you will have the confidence to provide more holistic care to your patients.

The course is split into two stand-alone days, which can be attended in isolation. Day one focuses on cardiac, metabolic, and respiratory complaints. whilst day two focuses on renal, neurological, haematological, and gastrointestinal complaints.
Target groups:
GP's and psychiatrists
Training methods employed on the course:
Classroom based teaching - Masterclass
Course aims:
By the end of the day you will be able to:

1. Describe the link between mental illness and various renal, neurological, haematological and gastrointestinal complaints.

2. Assess common physical health conditions in patients with chronic mental illness and recommend evidence-based management

3.Determine when to refer for specialist input and identify appropriate referral pathways
Key speakers:
Dr Vivek Srivastava & Dr Toby Pillinger
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