How we work

Our work is focused on the principles of personalisation of care and increasing skills as well as more social inclusion and relapse prevention.

Our approach


  • In order to support the recovery of those in our care, we work with our service users on their care pathways which have defined timelines for assessments, interventions and review of outcomes.


  • The service user’s progress is regularly monitored and audited at Care Programme Approach (CPA) reviews. These are planned in advance and usually at three month intervals, the first taking place within one month of admission.  


  • We have weekly multi-disciplinary team ward reviews. Family members, carers and all professionals  involved in their care are encouraged to attend to support the service user on their path to recovery.  


  • Wherever possible we encourage service users to lead their CPA meetings with assistance from healthcare professionals.  


  • Regular feedback from service users and carers  is used to improve the quality of our service.


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