About us

We are an experienced and highly skilled team who care for individuals who have psychosis and co-morbid disorders.

These are individuals who have experienced multiple admissions, persisting symptoms and poor functioning in different settings. They may not have  engaged with treatment in the past and present with risks of harm to self or others, as well as self neglect.

Our philosophy is to support these individuals on their road to independence, working with them towards their self defined goals to enable them to improve their quality of life.

Quick facts

  • Our multi-professional team is highly experienced and focused on a recovery pathway
  • We have 20 beds in our unit in Lambeth
  • We offer adult inpatient psychiatric rehabilitation for men and women
  • We work in collaboration with service users to develop their recovery plans and build upon personal skills
  • In 2013/14, 54% of our service users were discharged to independent living
  • Our length of stay is below average for similar settings 


Quality Assurance

  • New evidence-based practice is adopted into in routine clinical practice
  • Strong training and supervision structures for staff 
  • Good CQC ratings and outcomes


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