EFFIP - E-support for Families and Friends of Individuals affected by Psychosis

What is the study about?
Psychosis is a medical term to describe a mental illness which commonly includes a range of distressing symptoms including hallucinations, delusions and paranoia. Coping with psychosis is often a challenging demand for the individual as well as everyone close to them, including family and friends (referred to as “carers” who provide support to a loved one). The “EFFIP” project is a 5-year research study aiming to develop and evaluate an online resource dedicated for informal carers to gain information about psychosis, and glean support and advice from others in the same position.

From February 2017 for half a year, we are building the online resource incorporating the ideas and views many carers and individuals with lived experience of psychosis have given us in previous focus group meetings. Along this build process, we want carers to review our draft versions and give us feedback to ensure the final resource is as meaningful and useful for carers as possible.

Who can join the focus group study?
We are inviting carers supporting a loved one affected by psychosis.

Carers can be parents, partners, siblings, other family members or close friends

All participants need to be aged 18 or above, able to speak and understand English, and able to travel to a local venue for the group discussion.

What does taking part involve?
We would ask participants to attend a one-off 2 hour meeting with a few other peers, which maybe arranged between February and August 2017. We will show the carers the current draft of the EFFIP resource offline and ask the carers to feedback and comment on the resource design, layout and ease of use.

Participants will be paid £10 for their time and have their travelling expenses reimbursed.

How do I take part?
Please read the Stage 2 focus group participant information sheet for more information. If you think that you might like to take part or clarify another further query, contact the researcher Jacqueline Sin at jasin@sgul.ac.uk or 07817027035 or follow us on @EFFIP_FocusGrps

This study has been approved by London-Surrey Borders Research Ethics Committee (16/LO/1300) and HRA (IRAS Project ID: 210571)

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