Becoming a member

Anyone who lives in the area, works for the trust, or has been a patient or service user there, can become a member of SLaM. This gives staff and local people a real stake in the future of their hospital.

Members can:

  • receive information about us and be consulted on plans for future development of the trust and its services;
  • elect representatives to serve on the Council of Governors; and
  • stand for election to the Council of Governors.

Keep up to date
There's always something happening at SLaM.  You will receive a monthly members' e-newsletter packed with news, events and interesting features.  You can in turn feature your events that other members will be interested in.

Electing the Governors
Members can elect the Governors who sit on the Council of Governors and help the Board determine our priorities for the future. And as a member you can stand for election yourself (if you are over 16) and make your voice heard.

We are now holding elections for new governors.

Please see the Statement of Persons Nominated for the list of people who have nominated themselves for election.

The nominees in the Staff and Service User (Rest of England) constituencies were elected unopposed. See this statement for details.

We will be holding elections in the Public and Service User (Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark) constituencies

Council of Governors' bids scheme
Our Council of Governors runs a bids scheme to award up to £750 funding to members who have a good idea that will support patient experience, social inclusion or mental wellbeing.
The current scheme (Smile for Health) has now closed for applications and we are going through the 193 applications. We will be in contact with all bidders in the autumn.

Exclusive discount scheme
The scheme offers discounts on over 200 brands, holidays, travel and insurance and financial products in London and surrounding boroughs. This is completely free of charge and in order to benefit from these discounts you simply have to be a member of SLaM and register at (click on the top banner to obtain a gold card to present at participating suppliers).

How to join
Anyone who lives in England and Wales can join the Trust as a public member.

Anyone who has used our services in the last 5 years can join as a service user member, and their carers can join as carer members.

We also have staff members. 

Register online now

For further information

Telephone: 020 3228 2441



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