Honorary Assistant Psychologists

Honorary Assistant Psychologists

All vacancies for Honorary Assistant Psychologist positions will be posted here:

We currently have no vacancies.

If there are currently no vacancies advertised, please check again in the near future. We regularly recruit honorary assistant psychologists into a pool, from which we can then place them as suitable placements come up. Each round of recruitment will be advertised here with information about how to apply.

Please note that as a large Trust we receive high demand for clinical internships and voluntary experience. Our primary obligations are to provide placements for NHS commissioned training programmes and so we cannot accept or respond to direct enquiries for experience.

You may also want to get involved with our local Aspiring Psychologists network who can be contacted on aspiring_psychologists@kcl.ac.uk. All paid positions will be advertised on NHS Jobs (www.jobs.nhs.uk). In the meantime, the BPS run a number of events during the year for students and new graduates, which will be advertised here on http://beta.bps.org.uk/events.

Thank you for your interest.

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