Approved Clinician Refresher Course

A one day course for clinicians needing to renew their Approved Clinician status.
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CAMHS Approved Clinician Induction/Section 12 Refresher Course

The course comprises of two days of face to face training, mixture of formal lectures, group work concentrating on case studies and multiple choice questionnaires to reinforce learning points.
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Dual training in use of the ChA-PAS and the Mini PAS-ADD

This course will give dual qualification on use of the Mini PAS-ADD and the ChA-PAS
The assessments cover the following disorders:
- anxiety disorder
- depressive episode
- manic
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Estia - Learning Disabilities — Through the Lifespan

The course outline are:
- Childhood and experiences at school.
- Becoming an adult
- Working with families
- Significant life events - moving house, relationships & bereavement etc
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Estia - Self-Injurious Behaviour and People with Learning Disabilities

To raise awareness of self-injurious behaviour, its detrimental effects on
the individual and the services available for people with learning
disabilities and staff.
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Estia - Supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities and Dementia

•What is dementia?
•Things you may notice to indicate someone may have dementia
•Different types of dementia
•Assessment and intervention
•Supporting adults with dementia
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Estia - Supporting the Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing of Adults with Learning Disabilities (Advanced)

The recovery model principles
•Bipolar Affective Disorder
•Personality disorders
•The Care Programme Approach
•Risk in
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Introductory Approved Clinician Course

A two day course for doctors and other clinicians seeking Approved Clinician status for the first time.
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Making the CPA more Meaningful

This course focuses on the process of the CPA and how to make this more meaningful for service users and staff, using SLaM's “Recovery Model”.
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Mental Health Act Training

This course provides broad knowledge of all aspects of the Mental Health Act (MHA) enabling staff from all disciplines to update knowledge and explore practical issues of best practice and compliance
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