Why is DISCOVER important?

Chronic anxiety and worry in teenage years impact on young people’s ability to deal with pressures of exams and coursework, their mood, motivation and decision-making. If left untreated, high stress levels can lead to emotional and mental health difficulties in adulthood. However, teenagers often find it hard to find suitable help, and may even fail to recognise the signs of chronic stress.


How does DISCOVER help?
DISCOVER supports students to understand the nature and impact of stress and to achieve sustainable changes in school and home stresses.

DISCOVER uses a workshop format to maximise student learning and support to tackle stress-related problems, based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Problems tackled are:

  • Excessive worrying and low mood
  • Loss of motivation
  • Concentration problems
  • Poor sleep
  • Difficulties organising workload and revision
  • Ability to cope with pressure and resilience issues
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