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The handbook focuses on how clinicians should adapt to meet the healthcare needs to an individual’s learning disability - Author(s) Steve Hardy, Eddie Chaplin  Peter Woodward

This informative and practical handbook provides healthcare professionals and support staff working with individuals with a learning disability and their family carers’ information on a range of physical illnesses and health needs to support people with different conditions.

This handbook aims to simplify what can be a complex area in order to meet individual’s healthcare needs.

Published in 2016 by Pavilion Publishing

Book 2

A mental health guide for those supporting people with intellectual disabilities - Author(s) Steve Hardy, Eddie Chaplin & Karina Marshall-Tate. 

People with intellectual disabilities are more likely to experience mental ill-health than the wider population for a number of reasons including biological, social and psychological vulnerabilities. 

This introductory guide uses common language in order to demystify mental health and illness in the lives of people with intellectual disability. The varied content contains a number of case studies illustrating common mental health problems, and explains how people with intellectual disabilities can be supported to protect their mental well-being.

Published in 2016 by Pavilion Publishing

SELF Guided Help

Guided Self-Help for People with Intellectual Disabilities and Anxiety and Depression - Author(s) Eddie Chaplin, Jane McCarthy & Steve Hardy.   

The use of guided self-help for people with intellectual disabilities to treat depression and/or anxiety is in its infancy. The SAINT (Self-Assessment and INTervention) is the first resource to be made commonly available which has been developed specifically for people with intellectual disabilities. Using colour photographs and easy read text,.

Published in 2014 by Pavilion Publishing


Autism Spectrum Conditions: A guide

A comprehensive introduction to autism spectrum conditions giving an insight into the everyday experience of people on the spectrum and how staff can best support them

Written by Eddie Chaplin, Steve Hardy & Lisa Underwood

Published in 2013 by Pavilion Publishing

Mental Capacity

The Mental Capacity Act and People with Learning   Disabilities

Theresa Joyce and Steve Hardy

Published in 2012 by Pavilion Publshing


Mental health intellectual disabilities

Mental Health in Intellectual Disabilities

This new and revised edition provides up-to-date information on mental health problems in people with intellectual disabilities and associated issues. In recent years there have been many changes in the field of mental health and to services for people with intellectual disabilities.

Author(s) Nick Bouras, Steve Hardy, Geraldine Holt

 Published in 2011 by Pavilion Publishing



Challenging Beahviour

Challenging Behaviour: a handbook

A mulit-media training pack to develop good practice in working with people with learning disabilities whose behaviour is described as challenging.

Steve Hardy and Theresa Joyce

Published by Pavilion Publishing


Working with Offenders

Working with People with Learning Disabilities and Offending Behaviour, A Training Resource

Eddie Chaplin, Jayne Henry and Steve Hardy

Published in 2009 by Pavilion Publishing  


Mental Health Promotion

Mental Health Promotion for People with Learning Disabilities

Steve Hardy, Peter Woodward, Sarah Halls and Ben Creet

 Published in 2009 by Pavilion Publishing 


Keeping it together

Keeping it Together: A guide for support staff working with people whose behaviour is challenging

Peter Woodward, Steve Hardy and Theresa Joyce

 Published in 2007 by Pavilion Publishing 



Mental Health in Learning Disabilities: A Training Resource

Geraldine Holt, Steve Hardy and Nick Bouras

Published in 2005 by Pavilion Publishing

Free Publications, Publication for Sale and Publications by the Estia Centre

Enhancing Clinical Practice, Addressing Health Inequalities for people with Intellectual Disabilities 


Provision of Mental Health Care for  Adults who have a Learning Disability

  • Written by Steve Hardy, Eddie Chaplin and Peter Woodward.
  • Published by the Royal College of Nursing in 2013 - Download a copy

Dignity in healthcare for people with learning disabilities

  • Written by Steve Hardy. Published by the Royal College of Nursing in 2013 Download a copy

Neurodevelopmental psychiatry: an introduction for medical students

  • Edited by Simon Bonell,Tim McInerny and Jean O'Hara. Published by the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust in 2011.
  • Download a copy

Are you supporting someone with autism?

  • A poster offering advice to health and social care professionals on supporting people with autism who use their services Download a copy

Best Interests: Guidance on determining the best interests of adults who lack the capacity to make a decision (or decisions) for themselves

  • Written by Theresa Joyce. Published by the British Psychological Society, Department of Health and the Estia Centre
  • Download a copy

Supporting Complex Needs: A practical guide for support staff working with people with a learning disability who have mental health needs

  • Written by Steve Hardy, Richard Kramer, Geraldine Holt, Peter Woodward and Eddie Chaplin. Published by Turning Point in 2006
  • Download a copy

Meeting the Health Needs of People with Learning Disabilities: Guidance for Nursing Staff

  • Written by Steve Hardy, Peter Woodward, Petrea Woolard and Tom Tait. Produced by the Royal College of Nursing in 2006
  • Download a copy

Practice Guidelines for the Assessment and Diagnosis of Mental Health Problems in Adults with Intellectual Disability

  • Shoumitro Deb, Tim Matthews, Geraldine Holt and Nick Bouras. Published by Pavilion Publishing in 2001
  • Download a copy

Autism and Related Disorders: The basic handbook for mental health, primary care and other professionals

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