SLaM Arts

We believe that getting involved in art can have a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing. In this part of our website you can find out more about our work to encourage and promote the use of art.

Useful documents:

Strategy Flyer: front and back

SLaM Arts strategy staff and providers consultation report 2012
Content analysis on themes from a co-produced consultation event.

SLaM Arts strategy update September 2015
Content analysis on themes from the commissioned Trustwide service user led focus groups.

Arts accessibility for people with mental health problems 2012
A summary of a report by the Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health 2010

Literature review
- on arts and mental health, health, wellbeing, social inclusion and recovery 2012

Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment (MWIA)
- report on the Art into Life gallery workshops at Tate Modern, for older adults with mental health problems and dementia, 2011. A partnership between SLaM and Learning, Tate Modern.

Impact Art Fair 2013 evaluation for publication
- an evaluation of the Impact Art Fair 2013

Journeys of Appreciation Programme - Case study

- a case study about the Journeys of Appreciation Programme

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